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A/F Screw help and Carb Syn help

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  • A/F Screw help and Carb Syn help

    Symptoms: Unable to carb sync. #1 & #2 sync together fine. #3 is always higher than #4 and when trying to get them equated, the revs shoot up (as if #1 & #2 are compensating).

    Question 1: When turning the A/F screws out, is this making the carb more rich?

    Question 2: If #4 was running lean because of the A/F screw, would it have less pull on the mercury sync tool?

    I tired for like 10 minutes today to sync, but the revs just got way too high (4-5K) and I didn't want mercury sucked into my engine...

    Any help would be appreciated, and yes I am a noob at this so don't laugh.

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    Well , screws in for leaner , out for richer . I don't THINK the mix would affect the vacumme , but I'm no expert . When the revs shot up , could you turn the idle screw down any or what ?
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      No, the idle screw was all the way out. The only way I could get the revs down was to unbalance the vacuum all the way to #1 & #2 (with the middle balance screw)