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HELP with 600 carb rebuild

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  • HELP with 600 carb rebuild

    Let me first start off by saying, I screwed up...LOL
    1993 600 Katana, 5700 miles, just bought off EBay
    Got it home, ran it up and down the road, ran great.
    Next day, went out, ran great UNTIL you had to slow to an idle at which point it died and took forever to restart, usually at a busy intersection.
    No problem....replace plugs, check and replace air filter, same problem.
    Still ok with everything, the previous owner said it had sat for several years, so I drain the carbs, add a dash of seafoam to the gas and head out again. Same problem NOW is where the problem comes in......

    Synch carbs, or rebuild carbs ?? Well, lets just say I decided to pull em and give em a good cleaning. Problem is, most if not all the orings and gaskets were completely shot (explaining the strong smell of gas in my garage) and it seems NOBODY carries a carb kit, much less gaskets here locally. It is Sunday about 3PM sunny and 75 out which is VERY rare in Ohio and I am stuck without a bike !!!!

    Anybody know where I can find parts and/or kit for these F^%#ing carbs?? Thanks for listening to me ramble, hope you all had fun riding this weekend !! LOL

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    PM Special K


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      Have you checked



      They may have the aprts you need
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      -Various Other Mods


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        You're not going to find the parts in town -- the dealer almost guaranteedly won't stock them (but can order them). The two sources SweetLou listed are good sources, or you can order the parts directly from Mikuni USA's distributor, or you can get them from (which specialize in Carb parts).

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          You can find o-rings at Auto Zone or some other car place like that . Just take some with you for a size reference . And you MIGHT be able to get by with some RTV gasket maker blue stuff until you can get your REAL gaskets (I got some from Special K , I know he keeps a few sets on hand ...) .
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            Think part of my problem is I started this on Staurday, after spending 14 hours on the road Friday picking it up and EVERYONE closes early on Saturday and closed on Sunday. I am sure I will eventually find what I need, I am just not a patient man, and want to ride my new Kat NOW !! Thanks for the advice, I will keep you posted on my progress.


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              Auto Zone's and similar places are open around HERE on sunday , and this is where almost EVERYTHING used to be closed on that day ! Seriously , hit up a hardware store or something for the o-rings , it'll save you money I'm sure . K's got the gaskets , just PM him and see if he's shipping stuff yet (he had an accident several weeks ago , so ...)
              I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

              Katrider's rally 2011 - md86