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    hey i have a 89 kat. with k&n pods and a stage 3 jet kit .... i had the carbs off the bike for the winter project and now thats its back to gether when i ride and it warms up it idles at like 4k any idea?????

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    Do you have an idle screw on your carbs?


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      Idle screw, stuck parts, syncro..
      Lots of ideas.


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        Vacuum leak, throttle cables too tight or binding, or stuck choke cable.

        If the RPM level changes as you rotate the handlebars all the way left-to-right, the throttle cables are too tight.

        If the choke cable doesn't make any change in the RPM's, it's broken or disconnected and needs to fixed. If the choke cable is harder to move than bending a paperclip, it's binding and should be replaced.

        If it's a vacuum leak, it can usually be tracked down by spraying WD-40 at various carb/air passages -- when it hits the leak, the RPM will change.

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        PS - failure to sync carbs will not normally cause the RPM's to rise to 4k... But you should still resync the carbs after having them off the bike.
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          choke cable, throttle cable, float bowl, bent needle, I would check the cables first and go from there.
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