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Oil change question.

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  • Oil change question.

    I have a new 2005 Katana 600. I heard a guy at the local shop today tell someone that after 600 miles you needed to change the oil and filter to get rid of the "break-in" oil and put in fresh. Is that true?
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    05 Katana 600
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    yes, and i recommend a factory Suzuki filter with a motorcycle specific oil.


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      And be sure you get that first service done on TIME!!!


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        As the engine starts wearing itself in, a lot of metal particles are normally sheared lose -- particles from as small as the finest dust to as large as finger nail clippings. Real pro's change their oil several times by the time they get to 600 miles (20/100/300 miles is common); the factory has deemed the first change at 600 miles should be adequate, probably in part to make sure owners don't get too bad a sticker-shock from the costs of having a shop do all these oil changes.

        KNOW THIS:
        The 600 mile service, when done properly (by the factory specs), includes a whole lot more than just an oil change. It includes checking the valve clearances, torquing down various bolts (in the neighborhood of 30 bolts) back to torque spec, changing the oil & filter, cleaning/lubing/adjusting the chain, and a number of safety checks. Some shops skimp on the valve clearance check & adjustment because it's very time consuming, but it should not be skimped on by any means... The typical bill for a full 600 mile service will run around $300 - $320 in most parts of the country, including supplies (oil & filter, etc). If the bill will be under $200, I guarantee they didn't do the valve check.
        Suzuki acknowledged that one in twenty valves coming off their assembly line is significantly out of adjustment by the 600 mile check. Since the Kat has 16 valves, odds are that one will be significantly out of adjustment.

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          it cannot be overstated how important the first service is.

          if you want to do it yourself look here