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Tank off?

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  • Tank off?

    How much off a pain is it to take the tank off? I don't have much time but I think I need to change the plugs and fuel filter? Any help?
    - Joe

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    On an '03:

    Remove the lower fairing (10 allen bolts)
    Remove the upper fairing allen bolts at the front edge of the tank (2 each), at the front edge of the seat (2 each) and at the bottom where it meets the frame rail (2 each).
    Pull the fairing back away from the tank, taking care not to over-stress it (don't crack it!).

    Remove the 2 bolts at the rear of the gas tank.
    Disconnect the fuel sender pigtail on the right side next to the airbox.
    Disconnect the vacuum hose at the right most carb.
    Disconnect the fuel line at the petcock (the one facing the rear of the bike).
    Now pull the tank rearwards about 1" - 2" and lift slightly as you do. Unless you have a California model (additional special pollution control equipment), the tank should be able to lift up and away.

    PS - the factory method is the same except that you remove the entire upper fairing (including the mirrors) to get at the tank.

    =-= The CyberPoet
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