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should i get a hindle?

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  • should i get a hindle?

    ok speed werks has a hindle with detatched mid pipe for 363 plus shipping but i don't know if i really wanna spend that much money.

    everything else is out of stock from the manufacturer.

    how does hindle sound?

    could i use the muffler on another bike with a the proper mid pipe?

    do you think its worth it.

    fyi--- planning on only having the bike for a year or 2 tops.
    its an 03 kat 600 just got it

    please let me know your opinion god and bad \. i need help with this decision.....

    thanks alot

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    I got a used Hindle and mid pipe. Absoultly LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Can't imagine the bike without it. Really gives the Kat something that it's missing.
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      Should I get a Hindle?


      Hell ya!

      They are awsome and sound sweet. a lot of the Canadains have them and wouldn't have anything else.
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        I'm not Canadia but I do have a hindle and love it.
        I paid a little less for mine at

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          It's a question of sound... do you like having a quiet bike or do you want the benefit of a nice deep growl that doesn't grate?

          IMHO: The hindle is the best sounding exhaust for the Kats I've heard so far (and I've heard many, many of them), but I am still on the stock pipes happily because I haven't been able to justify the cost for the "sound factor" in my mind -- and my neighbors won't complain when I come and go in the middle of the night (live in a condo and park on the porch).
          I did, however, port out the inside of the stock header's weld seam lips for better flow

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