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Question about removing fuel tank

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  • Question about removing fuel tank

    When removing the fuel tank the manual says that the petcock should be in the 'on' position. I did as it suggested, but also clamped the line to prevent any fuel flow. Was that necessary? I would think there should be an 'off' position, but that's just me.

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    The "on" position is actually the "off" position. Sound strange? let me explain.

    The petcock, when in the "on" and "res" position, is only actuated by vacum. "prime" is the only setting where fuel flows out when there is no vacum present. The petcock should be set to "on" when removing the tank. There may be a little dribble, when you remove the fuel line, but it will be minimal, hold a rag underneath to catch it all. If you have substantial dribble or a full fledged leak, see your doctor....i mean, dealer right away, for a replacement.