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Higher octane with full exhaust system and Ivans jet kit?

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  • Higher octane with full exhaust system and Ivans jet kit?

    I just installed a full D&D system and Ivans carb kit on my Kat 600, and it feels like a totally diffrent bike, I just put some 93 octane gas ( I normally put 89 octane) and the bike feels quicker, has anyone else experienced this?

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    It's all in your head , the gas ain't gonna make your bike any faster . But those mods sure might ! Stick with the cheap stuff !
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      You may feel a difference -- not from the octane change, but from other changes in the formulation (such as from a better detergent package cleaning out build-up or from a change in brands of gas). Unless your engine has a wise-co (or other brand) installed displacement bump that increases your compression ratios, using a higher octane fuel actually nets you less power on a Katana, since higher octane fuels are inherently more stable (and instability gives a better bang). Some bikes, such as the newest generation of BMW's, have knock sensors & extremely high compression levels, and can actually use higher octane fuels to get more power out of the engine, but that's not the case in the stock Kat's case.

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        Yes and I have the proof on a dyno that 93 nets let horse power than 87 octane on a pre 98 750. I went from 94.8 hp to 97.6hp with just the change of fuel. Yes, it is true, a 3.2 hp gain.
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