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Fuel line routing and spark plug gap question

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  • Fuel line routing and spark plug gap question

    two questions, about to put my bike back together fromt last winter, is there a picture of how the fuel lines are routed on a 92 600 kat anywhere? it has been off for the winter and i do not remember exacly where they go.

    Are there 2 vent hoses that go to nothing coming off of the tank?

    Also what should i gap the plugs to?

    looking forward to having a bike again!

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    the plugs are pre gapped so no worry there. PM me your e-mail and I'll send you the routing pics, I can't host the pics or I'd put them here, so just give me your e-mail.


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      Thanks a bunch, i will pm you my e-mail.

      And while I know they are supposed to be pre-gapped whenever I check plugs it seems that at least one or two is out of spec so I like to check, anyone know what they are supposed to be?


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        plug gap is .6 - .7 mm


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          Recently removed my tank on the 96 600 and I have two hoses that are connected to the fuel sending unit and a third that has electical. Both of those ran down the right hand side of the bike. I left them connected to the tank. The other three connect to the Petcock. I'm getting ready to replace my spark plugs and hopefully a new Air Filter. I've gone this far and I think I'm going to look at adjusting the valves while the bike is apart and check out the carbs too.


          1996 GSX 600 F