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Another Idle question.

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  • Another Idle question.

    It seems that now that it is getting warmer when I ride my 02 Kat 600 for a while and it gets warmed up the idle will stay at around 3-4k rpm's. I tried getting it warmed up and then adjusting the idle. But when I rev it up it will stay around 2500 rpm's and then slowly fall to a normal idle. Sometimes if I am stopped in traffic I can let the clutch out a little and the rpm's will fall to normal but if it is a really warm day they will just go right back up to around 4k. I tried adjusting the idle all the way out but then it just dies..its like there is no middle either is dead or its at 3K. any suggestions will help. Thanks.

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    (A) Vacuum leak, OR
    (B) One of the throttle cables is too tight (usually the return cable), OR
    (C) you have dried fuel residue in your carbs from long-term storage.

    The fact that it's falling slowly back to proper idle after hanging around 2500 tells me that it's B or C.
    To fix B: loosen the throttle cables a bit and retest
    To fix C: Run some high-grade fuel system cleaner through with the fuel (I recommend Techron brand; add 1/3rd bottle of the small bottle at the pump, then add gas to fill the tank all the way). Expect it will take being parked overnight with the fuel system cleaner sitting in the carbs, plus running through the tankful before the problems clears up completely if this is the case.

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      Thanks, I will try both of those.