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  • idle problem

    hello to all
    i have a 96 gsx600 bike runs great but at idle i fluctuates like a miss
    i check the plugs cyl,1,3,4 were nice a brown cyl,2 was black at times i smell raw full while at idle i check for vacume leaks found none
    the bike suppose to have cr9ek for spark plugs the plugs on there are c9ek???
    i check the spark on cyl 2 it is fine could it be a bad plug??

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    could be a bad plug, could also need a carb sync. the "r" in the plug # refers to resistor type plugs, shouldn't make any difference there.


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      thanks i found this thread on another site which is what i'm going thru
      with my bike.hope it helps other

      To all who have early to mid 90's Kats, I have heard of alot of peaple having carb problems. Crappy milage, running rich as hell, flooding out, etc...... I was having similar problems with my 91 600 as well. It was always running super rich on the bottom end and flooding when it sat for a bit after running.
      Well, I finaly decided, enough! I broke the carbs down and what I found was that the two o-rings that seal the float assembly were dryed out and leaking. If you are not familiar with this deal and are having problems of this nature, ya gotta yank the tank and air box, then pull the carbs. You should not have to take the cables off if you don't desire to. There are two screws for each float bowl, so just pop em off one at a time. At this point, you should be able to just pull the float assy off. They are only held in by the o-rings.
      I went to Auto Zone and got four packs of assorted o-rings, so all I did was match them up (both o-rings are two different sizes) and replace them in each carb. Slapped it all back together, and OMYGOD! What a huge difference!
      The only reason I bring this one up is that alot of Kat owners are not as experienced with bikes as others may be. This is a simple fix that would cost out the A** if you took it to the shop to get fix and it only ran me like $10.00 max. the difference in start up and full range running


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        Well, thats ONE problem, but there can be many. Carbs are kinda tricky if you're not experienced...but they are NOT impossible.

        There are links and links around here, but one of the most straight forward and best is one posted by a Kat owner and wrench, (I'll remember it eventually and re-post or edit this) IN the mean time, do a search on here! CARBS.................

        Possible problems to check:
        O-rings at vacuum port
        O-rings at bottom of air chamber (hard to get to, but worth it. Every one I've removed is cracked and dried)
        Rubber stoppers under float assemblies at idle jets.
        O-rings at air fuel mix screws
        O-rings at floats
        O-rings at float assemblies (two sizes, both metric, one at each side where they fasten the float assembly into the carb)
        Also, bowl gaskets
        Lastly, but not least, blow out all jets (with air, preferably compressed), and clean out the bowls, and after removing the A/F screws and their metal AND rubber washers and springs, blow out those ports and lines too.

        Reset all floats.
        Reassemble all.
        Also, check your rubber diaphragms on the air side for tears and seating properly.

        Oh, yea.............once you're all done, re-synchronize the carbs. And hope your valves are not WAY OUT of adjustment.............
        I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
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