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Moose Chain Scrubber Spare Parts

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  • Moose Chain Scrubber Spare Parts

    Last night one of the rotating brushes in my Moose Chain scrubber broke. I could have sworn that I saw someplace that sold replacement brushes, but I can't figure out where I saw it. If anyone has a lead that they could post I would appreciate it.

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    I hate it when that happens. Hey, whats a Moose Chain scrubber? :smt037


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      Originally posted by Zukiman
      I hate it when that happens. Hey, whats a Moose Chain scrubber? :smt037
      It is obvious. It is a scrubber for your moose's chain.

      Check out their link:


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        I've never seen spare brushes for the moose chain scrubber, although the liquid used comes in various sizes as add-ons. Since the chain scrubber is cheap (under $25), I doubt they have the parts individually... but write the manufacturer and they may just send you the brush parts out of the goodness of their hearts

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          I'll check my Parts Unlimited catalog later tonight.......(its in the garage).

          I just order another one of these along with the JUMBo size sludge away bottle...............we go thru that stuff liek crazy around here!
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