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Need Help making or buying a mount for a radar detecor.

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  • Need Help making or buying a mount for a radar detecor.

    Like the topic says . I have a 2000 750 and i need to mount a fuzz buster. Any help or ideas.

    Check out

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    The standard places are:

    (A) Get a bar-clamp kit or gas-cap kit. These clamp onto the said piece and raise up 6 - 10" to hold a radar detector, camcorder, GPS unit, etc. You can find them in many places, including here:

    (B) Drill small holes in the stock windsheild just above where it clears the dash surround and install a parcel shelf to mount the detector.

    (C) If you get a detector with remote, install it where the third eye normally is on the 98+. Put some heat shielding under it to block heat from the headlight assembly. Then wire up an LED into the top of the dash surround with a bit of reflective tape on the back, so it will be in your line of sight but not visible from the front. Use the brightest LED you can find. At speed you can forget about hearing any detector beep unless it's wired into your helmet.

    (D) (chuckling) Be different and wire the detector straight into your helmet, mount the detector atop the helmet. Although this will probably kill your neck, it will put the detector at the highest point on the bike, giving you the absolute best possible range of detection.

    Or learn to slow down where the cops hang out! No speeding past the donut shops!

    The headlight assembly on your bike gives the primary return to both laser and radar speed detection systems.
    Laser detectors are probably pretty useless on a bike, because by the time they go off, you've been tagged. If you're lucky, you'll have an extra half-second to slow down before it gets a lock.
    The best systems have multiple sensors, for both ends of the bike or car.
    The higher you mount it, the further the range will be.
    You can find real world testing results here:

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