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  • 600 to a 750

    I have a heard from a few of my friends that a 98+ kat with a 600 can be converted to a 750. I have a couple questions.

    (A) Is this a rumor or is it possible?
    (B) If possible is it worth it...cost and labor effective? What would be needed?
    (C) If not, should I stop listenign to my friends? lol.

    EDIT: I really dont want to get flamed for this. I searched before posting but it just seems like a flamable topic.
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    a - it is possible, you can even fit a bandit 1200 engine in there!
    b - worth it only if you think so. cost...not so sure depend on who does it for you
    c - up to you
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      Where is that thread at, Special K has a thread on big engine Kat's.

      You can even go pre92 1127 if you would like!
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        Well i was thinking specifically of using the 600 block and modifying it to a 750. I remember hearing that the 600 and the 750 were the same block and you could change some internals to make one the other.
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          Get ahold of Special K he is the man for all your questions.


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            yep, I'm not sure about using the 600 block, I imagine changing the heads would alter the displacement, I know they use the same oil pan, so the block is probably the same, but it would be about the same cost to just buy a 750 motor from special k


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              See this thread for more info on engine swapping:
              KR: Mechanics 101: Installing Larger Engines in Kats.

              If I understand this correctly:
              The pre-98 600 engines can be bored out and have new cylinder liners installed to do the 750 conversion, but given the cost of boring/parts/etc., it makes little sense to go that route when you can simply buy a good 750 engine and then sell your healthy 600 engine afterwards. The 98+ engines aren't built the same way and can't simply be bored out to accomplish the same ends (Suzuki started using Nikasil coatings instead of drop-in liners at one point, so you'd be looking at boring + nikasil coatings -- $1k at least, definitely more expensive than a replacement used engine).

              For serious power upgrades, look to Bandit 1100/1200 engines or the Wise-co kits for the pre-98 Kat 750 engines (which increase displacement to 771cc, 813cc, but moreover increase the compression ratios very significantly).

              Finally, the reality of costs means that selling your Kat 600 and buying a Kat 750 is probably the cheapest route of all. The difference in prices on 6 year old Kat 600 & 750's is small enough to make sense going that route; according to NADA guides, average retail for a 98 Kat 600 is $2720; for a 98 Kat 750 is $3160. That's a $440 difference, far cheaper than the cost and effort involved in swapping to a bigger engine.

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                Thanks cyber, youre right
                Bikes don't kill people, People kill bikes.