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K&N pods or Factory style K&N??

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  • K&N pods or Factory style K&N??

    I want to put K&N pods on my 90' 600 but it seems that when you run a 600 with no filters it has a bad hesitation off idle, which is really no different than having pods. Should I stay with the factory air box or not? Need some pro advice here, where else should it be found other than here .

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    Your engine is actually designed to have SOME flow pressure in and out.........has to have it unless your carbs are tuned for wide openin and out (BAD IDEA unless you are drag racing all the time)

    when you go to pods, which you can, you have to have your carbs synchronized and your air fuel screws set to suit AND your floats set to suit............sort of like this:

    X -- air in
    Y -- thru-put va air/fuel mix screws
    Z -- exhaust out

    The whoel set up must be balanced to work correctly and/or at optimum efficiency

    Make sense?
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      That definetly makes sense but in your opinion which would be my better choice? I have a set of mercury guages that I can put on my carbs to balance them so thats not a problem. I am in the process of putting my bike back together so I need to know what to do so I dont have to tear it all back down again. Obviously it would be easier to just put a stock air cleaner in but I want the best performance possible with my setup.



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        For a 1990 Kat 600, the general rules go like this:

        Stock jetting -- stick to the factory airbox and filter for most reliable set-up. If switching to a K&N filter with small donut, shim the needles, increase the pilot screw settings and possibly go up a main jet size. Know that the K&N at this point won't flow substancially more than stock because of other restrictions in the flow path (stock exhaust headers, collector).
        Stage 1 jetting -- stick to the factory airbox. Use of K&N replacement filter optional, but you'll have to increase the pilot screw settings and/or main jet size to compensate if you use the replacement filter. Ditto if you use an aftermarket exhaust header.
        Stage 3 jetting -- pods or K&N filter with the large diameter donut, aftermarket exhaust headers.

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