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    Please could someone tell me where I might get a new side stand relay from, or what I should be looking for with regards part numbers.

    I live in the UK and my GSX750F, 2003 is an import. Some how I managed to blow the diodes in the side stand relay while trying to install a digi gear indicator. Now my neutral light does not work as the side stand relay is part of a safty interlock system for the bike.
    Its not the switch that is the problem its a black module that contains a small relay and two diods next to the main fuse holder on top of the battery under the seat.

    This module is part of the starter safty interlock system. The diods are intergrated with the turn signal relay and sidestand relay in one component, which plugs into a socket next to the fusebox. Its this component that Im looking for as well as the part number.

    Ive looked at the parts drawings and it is not very clear on them, Ive asked for help at a few suzuki dealers and its like trying to get water from a stone. Please help as I dont like it when something is not working correctly on my bike. :smt100

    Thanks in advance.


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    I thought that realy was ONLY for the turn signals............unless they are COMBINED with ALL the safety interlocks on the whole bike (3 or 4 actually) in the same unit.

    ANYWAY........I have a few spares here on wiring harnesses I have.

    E-MAIL or PM me................and shoot me some money vai PayPal for shipping (probably more than the part!)
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