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(YABP) Electrics YAY!!!! Battery Question

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  • (YABP) Electrics YAY!!!! Battery Question

    Hey all, I spent the last hour reading all the Battery Posts i could find, I found none that looked the same i mine, and i just wanted to see what you guys think the problem is. Ok heres the problem, this is my third battery on my 99 600 Kat, My bike will sit for only about 10 min after being ridden and the battery will be dead and i need to push start. The wierd thing is, the bike will sometimes work, and the times it will work where it can sit for a week and start back up is when the automatic fan comes on for the CA models. If i hear it turn on it will mean it will work fine. Otherwise ill come back in 30 min it will be dead. On the battery when it idles the lights dim. When this situation does happen, the battery isnt completly dead, it will just be really low, even though everything is off, including the electric fan. If anyone knows what the problem is any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Disconnect that stupid fan. Those CA models are prone to let that fan run for a long time, draining the battery

    Also, I'd start check ing for another possible drain somewhere just in case.
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