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Rear Tail Light?

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  • Rear Tail Light?

    I don't know if this is the right section for this question but here goes. I've got a 02 Kat 750. When I break the light works fine, but at when I ride at night the tail light is not on. It only comes on when I brake. What do I need to replace?

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    Check the bulb first. Chances are one of the filaments have burned (mine did that just a week ago).

    If it isn't that, I guess you would continue with cleaning of the contacts, and then testing your wiring with a circuit tester. My bets are on the bulb, though.
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      +1 for the bulb .
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        yeah thats a dual fillament bulb, one is constant and one lights up when you brake, change the bulb and you should be all good.


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          Any auto parts store will carry the replacement bulb for $2 - $3. Rating will be 5/21 watts (sometimes 5/22 watts), standard brake+running bulb (1157 bulb me thinks).

          If you want to be sweet to the bike, put a bit of dielectric grease in the bulb socket when you switch bulbs. This will help keep corrosion from forming later.

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            Wal Mart: $0.96 each for an 1157 bulb!
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              Cool thanks guys you are always helpful.