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Tach signal wire question

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  • Tach signal wire question

    Does anyone know what wire in the main harness (that runs to the guage cluster) generates the tach signal? Since my Kat is in the process of becoming a streetfighter, I will be using a Veypor instead of the original guages, because it is small and compact, and will fit the theme of the bike a little better. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think it actualy has to run from the tach. I think it can run off any coil wire pick up. At least that was my understanding.
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      The wiring diagram from the 98-03 Kats can be found here: if that's any help...

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        Thanks for the help. It can be run off the pickup, but I figured I wasn't using the wire to the guages anyways, why not just use that instead. I am using the veypor solely for it's use in the speedometer and the tachometer.
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          Actually, I've checked the diagram, but it doesn't specify what the tach signal is. Anyone know?
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            Pin-outs for the connector at the back of the OEM gauge panel (98+) are (reading top row, left to right as pins 1 thru 10 and bottom row left to right as pins 11 thru 20):

            1 Common Ignition-switched hot (+)
            2 Illumination (+)
            3 Speedo
            4 Speedo
            5 Common Ground (-)
            6 - 8 unused
            9 Neutral indicator (-) [pairs to + at pin 1]
            10 Highbeam indicator (+) [pairs to ground at pin 5]
            11 Turn signal indicator (L) [pairs to ground at pin 5]
            12 Turn signal indicator (R) [pairs to ground at pin 5]
            13 unused
            14 Tach
            15 Oil pressure warning indicator [pairs to + at pin 1]
            16 Fuel level
            17 - 20 unused

            Thus, Tach is 4th pin from the left edge on the bottom row (of the gauge panel).
            Remember to reverse this pin-config as necessary when looking at the pigtail connector that goes into the back of the gauge panel.

            Factory manual does not specify whether the Tach gets a pulse-on-spark or resistance (ohm) change or voltage change to establish reading level. Matter of fact, it doesn't even list a test for the Tach (unlike all the other gauges & lights), implying that it is an item that either virtually never breaks or just gets swapped out if it does...

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              Red wire with black or grey tracer...............or black with red tracer........anyways its black and red!!

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              I made a matrix of both wiring diagrams and went to town! Checked them all, then soldered away! Everything works!

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