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Chain size before and after sprocket change

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  • Chain size before and after sprocket change

    Do you need to change your chain size if you swap sprokets? The reason I ask is that my chain needs to be replaced and I'm considering a change of sprokets (-1 in front maybe even a +1 or 2 in the rear while I'm at it) I wouldn't suspect needing a new chain but wanted to double check first, as I'd hate to cut the 2 links out of the one I picked up to find out I need a new one in a couple weeks.

    Also whats a good place to get some sprockets online, that ship to Canada?

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      hey i just did mine on an 89 750 (see the other post) and i went down 1 up 2 in the rear and i didnt need to get a new chain you can use stock size, BUT it did need a lil ....humm coaxing to get on lol


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        If the chain is old, worn, stretched at all, change chains when you change sprockets. Using an old chain on new sprockets is a good way to ruin both very quickly. If you just changed the chain in the past month, then getting a replacement chain is most likely unnecessary.

        See: CyberPoet's "Understanding Motorcycle chains, wear and maintenance" at for more info on how to establish if your chain is worn, stretched, etc.

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          thats what i did i had just gotten a new one bout 100 miles b4 the sprockets


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            Good to hear, I picked up a new chain and when I pick up my new rubber tomorow get her back to gether, really to bad no one had the sprokets here in town would have saved another few hours of not riding