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New D&D full exhaust. manifold questions.

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  • New D&D full exhaust. manifold questions.

    hi all
    Ijust bought a D&D full exhaut system off of own katriders chris16063, and HOLY SH*T this thing is loud!!!!!!! but i have a couple of questions.

    application of exhaust maifold i found that when taking off the stock exhaust there are 2 half moon shaped flanges for the pipe, and a rubber/ceramic gasket inside the exhaust port. now i found with the new D&D exhaust there is no way that the ceramic gasket could fit inthere and be able to bolt down the headers.

    any D&D exhaust users ave the same issue? im jsut wondreing because i already put the exhaust on and ran it without the gaskets and it ran smoothly, but obviously running on the LEAN side nothing a jetkit cant fix.
    Lean in Lean out.
    1993 GSX750F Katana SOLD
    2002 GSX750R Black. SOLD
    2000 TL1000RR silver, SOLD
    2000 yamaha R1 red katana