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  • Hard to Start

    I was thinking it was just the cold, but these last few days its been above the freezing mark and my baby still needs to be sworn at to start.

    It takes a few long tries sometimes...

    I'd like to know where to start? easiest first.

    Its and 04 with 20000kms, valves last done around the 16k mark (did the plugs at the same time), oil just changed, batteries strong, fuels new.

    When I get some time this weekend I may clean out the carbs and check the spark plugs / coils. Anything else I should be checking?

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    make sure your getting fuel to the carbs aka the petcock screen and fuel filter are not clogged. I mean there are many other thing that can cause a hard start, but I believe the basics are covered.


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      If she's been parked for quite some time, you'll need to use prime to refill the carb bowls before starting, otherwise the long time to start is actually the starter generating enough vacuum to permit sufficient fuel-flow to the carbs to fill them back up.

      If there's any chance of condensation while she was parked for an extended period of tiime, drain the carbs, as their may be water in the bowls.

      Finally, you may also want to give her a "boost" by spraying a bit of starting fluid or WD40 into the air intake when you first try after a particuarly cold park. It'll act like fuel to help it get turning over.

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