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Sprocket Question...yes again....

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  • Sprocket Question...yes again....

    Ok so I was cleaning my chain and re-adjusting it at a buddy of mine's house. We were spinning the wheel and noticed that my sprocket read right?? You see when I bought the bike the guy told me he went up by one not down by one??? Now I've been running on 45 for the past 8 months thinking I was running on 47T...Ok my question...Since I was riding on 45T and wanted to +3 the stock is 46T...should I go to 48T from where I am at or 49T from stock? I think I know the answer but wanted to get a consensus...

    I'm thinking 49T from stock...
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    Stock is a 45T and not a 46T. If go up to a 49T you will loose top end. I found it is better to stay with the stock size or go up no more than one. When you are doing into riding your RPM's will be up around 7 to 8 just riding around in town. I would just stay stock and drop one in the front and be done with it. You will get the desired results with the one down in the front trust me.


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      The ratios vary between the models and engine sizes - stock on his 89 600 should be 14 - 46...

      I'm running 14 - 45 on mine now, and quite happy with it - although the bike is a little weak while taking off at red lights. I think this has more to do with poor jetting though (bogs when giving a lot of throttle on low revs).
      - Samuel

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