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  • Carb Choice?

    Replacing the motor in my '97 750 with one from a '91 GSXR750. Have a choice of the carbs that were on the '97 or I do have a set of 36mm GSXR carbs I can use. Which would give me the most tuneability & reliability? Still pretty new to these motors so al help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy.

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    Well , I'd use the ones that were already on there , as you can be more sure of them actually working right . 36mm carbs on a gsxr , huh ? I thought they'd be bigger than that , as the Kats have (I think) 36's .
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      If my records are correct (someone else provided the data for that part of the web page -- Doug771, Highsight2020 and Mr.Clean), the pre-98 750's use a Mikuni BST36SS, while the 98+ versions use a Mikuni BSR36 -- both are 36mm throats.

      Both the Kat and the GSXR carbs should have the same degree of "Kat-tunability", in as much as their all Mikuni's with the same basic designs. If one set has a jetkit already in it, the replacement needles from the jetkit will make it more tuneable than factory stock carbs -- but that's by virtue of the jetkit and because of the carbs.

      The early GSXR should also have a slingshot engine if I recall correctly, which would mean the bore is narrower and the stroke longer. If this is true for that year GSXR, you may find the stock jetting on the GSXR carb is significantly different than the jetting for the Kat, and would have to probably change some of the jetting and needles to compensate. Thus, the safe bet is to use the Kat carbs if you have access to them.

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