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  • Lost keys...

    I feel stupid just for posting this but I've lost my keys. I lost my spare as it was on my main key ring and never came home from a night at a bar out of town

    I've been planning one getting copies made but when I went to the stealership there was a line and it was nice out

    Yesterday I went to move my bike around back as the snow has come back and my key is isn't on the stair where it is suposed to be. Dig around the front entrerance, look in shoes, jackets ect. No key. Cleaned up all the probable spots and still no key. I'm sure it'll turn up but not sure when.
    So then the search for the little black tag. Find a tag but wasn't sure if it was for my bike, my brothers or even my old bike. But as its the only black tag I have down to the stealership. Get a key made, get home and my heart breaks as it doesnt work

    What are my options, IF i wrote down the tag number in the owners manuel it is locked under the seat . And thats a pretty big IF. Can I take the ignition out and have a key(s) made? Can one find out hte key code from the VIN#/Serial numbers, I know you can for cars but I dont think they do for bikes.

    If its posible to have keys made from the removed ignition, what do I need, I think its a torx of some sort anyone know the size? Any tricks on doing it with the stearing locked?


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    first of all I think you can get a key cut from the vin. Second the bolts on the ignition are sheahead bolts. They tighten to a certain torque and then the head shears off. To remove them you need to take a sharp center punch and hammer whack the bolts counter clockwise. It is not a fun thing to do. I'd go to the dealer and see if they can cut a key from the vin


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      I need to get a key or two made as well, all I have is my spare.
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        I remember seing a blank key at ronayers. Since my bike only came with the spare as well I tried to go to local hardware store to have one made but they said that they can't do motorcycle keys.


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          Call a locksmith, have him come make a key,
          You'll never get the ignition out with it still on the bike and in the locked position. From the factory they use a special screw, the head breaks off when it is tightened, so theres nothing left on the screw to grab ot turn. You have to use a punch and a hammer to turn the screws to get them out. You cannot get a key made with just the vin. Better off to just suck it up and call the locksmith. Chalk it up as a lesson learned. Trust me I learned the hard was as well.


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            thanks that what I feared good thing the weather is crapy this week


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              Originally posted by tmsz
              I remember seing a blank key at ronayers. Since my bike only came with the spare as well I tried to go to local hardware store to have one made but they said that they can't do motorcycle keys.
              I bought a key blank from "K" and had it cut at Meijers , which is basically a Wal-Mart wanna-be store . I TRIED to get one cut at a hardware store but the old coot split TWO blanks ! He said they were too thin or some garbage . I told the guy at Meijer that , and he said that they just didn't know what they were doing .
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                Good luck!
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                  Originally posted by chriskatana
                  You cannot get a key made with just the vin.
                  This is very true as I also tried. Your best bet is to call a locksmith. You'll have to call around to find one that will work on bikes. I was quoted from like $80 - $200 for one to come out to the bike and work on it.


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                    I had to get a key made for my car once, but I just called a local locksmith, who came to my house and made the key there, and made sure it worked b/4 he left. I bought 3 spares from him then too.

                    I keep my spare bike key stored away, just for emergencies like this.

                    Sorry man, that sux!


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                      I broke my spare key on the gas cap and only have one left. I found a key blank from this guy and he mailed it to me for $6. He has lots of bike key blanks for lots of models. Give him an email and he'll hook you up!

                      His name is John and you can email him at

                      BTW I realize that you don't have a key to make a copy of... this is just to let you guys know that you can get blanks here.


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                        They can look up the key code only for certain model years; if the bike was built before about '98, they won't have the code available at the dealership. If you get lucky, some locksmith might have the code. If not, the full replacement lock set (ignition, tank, seat and helmet lock) with 3 matched keys is like $200... but you still have to get the old ones open to get them out.

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                          I had mine cut at a swapmeet...cost me a total of $ enough that I had 4 of them made that way I always have one in case of an emergency.
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                            I ended up calling around to some locksmiths this morning, a guy came out to my house, made a key from the ignition and it cost me 80bucks. it didnt take the guy along time either.

                            A leason learned.


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                              Good luck bro,hmmmmi dont like the sounds of all this you guys i only have one key myselfe still have it though
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