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Removing Hose from Oil cooler while doing oil change

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  • Removing Hose from Oil cooler while doing oil change

    I've got a Yoshimura 4 into 1 exhaust on my 91 600, the headers are too close to the bike and i'm not able to get the filter out unless I remove the hose that runs from the oil pan to the oil cooler or take off the headers. Would I run into any problems taking the hose off where it connects to the oil pan? or should I just take the headers off?

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    Take the headers off. There is another thread about this problem. Just do a search for this topic.


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      You can do either. If you take the oil line off, make sure that:
      (A) you don't lose the rubber o-ring inside of it; and
      (B) you torque it back down to the correct torque spec. The last thing you want to do is strip out that bolt.

      For the headers, make sure that you:
      (A) put some antiseize compound on the bolts when you put them back in; AND
      (B) torque them to the correct torque spec.

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        I also have the Yosh 4 into 1 exhaust on my 90 600. I always take off the header. Don't forget the anti-sieze!


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          wow, you guys are dedicated. I pull the oil line on my Bandit to avoid pulling the headers. Done it about 10 times now and it doesn't leak a drop. This is with the original o-ring there. Doesn't seem to affect it by pulling it at oil changes. I'll pretty much do whatever I can NOT to have to pull the headers and remove the entire exhaust.

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            i have the same set up on my 91 750 and dont have to pull anything i just use KN filters with the nut on the end and a socket with extention and it comes right off the plug is no problem either.
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              I have the Yosh 4-1 on my 88 600, I can get my filter on/off with a strap wrench, but it requires some time and patience (not much room, so a little at a time).
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                My V&H 4to1 is the same way, but with some work... I can get the filter off...... Trying to find somewhere that can get me K&N oil filters ( thats not to far away)!!!!!!
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