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03 gsx600f won’t start, please help.

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  • 03 gsx600f won’t start, please help.

    Since I bought the bike I’ve only heard it fire a few times and I fought for those. Was purchased on marketplace and I went through the basics, changed the oil and filter, plugs and wires and made sure my petcock was clear and working. The carbs were awful but I’ve cleaned and cleared and put them back in. Still nothing seemed to work. So I ordered a kit and rebuilt the carbs, just the rubber, seats and float needles. Not the jets. Put em in and fired but needed full throttle to stay running and was backfiring. I looked up the carb specks on here and set my floats to 13mm and adjusted my air screws to 2 1/4 turns out. I’ve got strong crank and spark and fuel should be there but I’ve got no fire attempts at all at these settings.
    When was running though I had full throttle and was backfiring plugs were black and wet when pulled. I can’t remember what the floats were at then though. I’ve had the carbs apart over fifty times now adjusting the floats and scratching my head. But now with cleaned up plugs and good spark and floats set at 13mm and air screw at 2 1/4 turns out I can’t get anything but crank. Plugs are clean when pulled.
    It just feels like I’m missing something simple here and could use some help.

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    Did you put the black plugs back in place over the idle jets ?
    These are very important...

    Turn your mixture screws in the 1.5
    In is lean
    Out is rich

    This might help