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5-8k rpm break up at 70%-WOT

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  • 5-8k rpm break up at 70%-WOT

    I have a 1988 600 katana and man I love it I got a jet kit installed it been tuning it but now I’m stuck at a stand still in my knowledge so when I’m just cruising it sounds wet like it’s rich but then when I give it 70-80% to full throttle from a cruise it breaks up from 5-8k then runs perfectly till redline pulled the plugs and they’re all black meaning it’s running super rich but the 5-8k thing doesn’t that mean that it’s actually lean or am I missing something? Yes I’ve messed with the needle and the idle air valve what am I not doing properly? My jet sizes are 148 mains and 146 secondary’s the pilots I believe is a 55 it only breaks up when I’m riding as well doesn’t break up when revving at idle
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    Update got it fixed apparently I was giving it too much fuel with the spacers on the needle but now the bike doesn’t want to go over 100mph?! It doesn’t stutter or die it just seems like it hits a wall I have pod filters btw and my legs pretty much cover the filters so could it just not be getting enough air at that speed? That’s what I’m thinking but I’m open to suggestions before I spend days making air ducting to force air into the pods
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      Update I believe the bikes top speed is hindered so much because of valve adjustment and this bike having no front fairings I’m going to adjust the valves this weekend and possibly mold some air ducting so that my legs no longer block the filters could it also be because the ignition coils are from when the bike was manufactured?