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1995 katana 600 HELP!

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  • 1995 katana 600 HELP!

    I bought a 1995 Suzuki katana 600 with around 1050 original miles. It’s been sitting a while I got as a project for the winter. I have redone the carbs with original Suzuki parts when I start it up it idles good but full throttle won’t redline when I give it 1/4 it redlines. If I give full throttle it goes up around 9k then bounces down and up. When riding it pulls fine at some places but through different gears it spits and sputters pretty bad.
    I have replaced the all carb internals I could replaced and thoroughly cleaned them got new diaphragms and all tried my best to set the floats around 14.6mm and a/f screws 2.5

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    Ever found a solution to this? Facing similar issues.


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      A common mistake is the angle of the carb while setting the floats. If the floats aren't at just the right angle when setting, even by just a couple degrees, it will not run well. Sounds like your floats are set high, allowing too much fuel to pass.

      *Disclaimer: I'm NOT a mechanic!