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GSX 760f spluttering

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  • GSX 760f spluttering

    Hi I bought a 98 gsx 750f with plenty new parts on and all was running fine until tonight, was coming home from work on the duel carriageway was a beautiful night and I open it up I got to around 120 mph and it spluttered and died, I manage to get it to the side of the road, tried a few times to start it but it wouldn’t catch, eventually I tried using the choke and it fired away bit spluttery for a few seconds but then it was fine so continued home at a much slower speed in case I upset it again but couldn’t help thinking it wasn’t sounding right and maybe a slight chapping sound too, when I got it home it also felt hotter than normal but not sure how much of that was down to the hot weather and my imagination, anyhow left it for a hour or so and tried to start it again didn’t start first time but managed to catch it on the throttle second time, going to take it to the mechanics tomorrow I don’t mess about with stuff like that any ideas what may of caused this?
    thanks in advance guys

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    Had a similar problem with my 2002 Kat. I live in the southern most point of Florida for 30 years, and it gets really hot here. sounds like vapor lock. First I put some insulation on fuel line, fuel vaporizes at 140 degrees F. Went to motul's 10w60 ester oil. 10w40 and 10w30 is not good enough oil in high temp. weather. My Kat loves that oil, holds up longer.
    Also it sounds like motor is getting too hot. check oil lines going to oil cooler, if leaking they reduce oil flow and cooling. lastly a colder plug might help cr10 or something like that. My kat likes those ngk sparkplugs with the dual negative electrode best.
    In the end it's a old bike and having to pay someone $75.00 hr. to work on it is going to wreck your wallet. not to mention there's a lack of parts for it.
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      Thanks for the reply I’ll check that out