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Sporadic idle

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  • Sporadic idle

    Hi, Iíve had my bike off the road for about 4 months courtesy of my spine giving me grief. In that time it didnít get so much as turned over. Initially it wouldnít idle at all and cut out. Now it starts fine and after riding around seems to run fine too but when itís off the choke it sometimes will idle and sometimes wont and the engine cuts. Now my understanding is that the idle jets would be feeding the fuel in when itís ticking over so I donít understand why sometimes this would be ok and other times not. When it does idle the idle speed is definitely not up at 1200 where it was so Iím presuming there is gummed up fuel in the idle jets. Short of tearing down and cleaning the carbs, again, is there an alternative thatís less invasive I could try first?