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Fuel/Vacuum Issue

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  • Fuel/Vacuum Issue

    Morning folks -
    Running into a fuel flow issue and wanted to see what the consensus might be. Working on a 2004 Kat 600; carbs were completely rejetted, rebuilt and everything else even spent a few days in an ultrasonic cleaner bath (empty with nothing in them of course)

    Yesterday - my wife went out for a short ride and got the old girl up the highway about a mile before the bike choked fuel in the carb bowls at all. Let the bike sit for a bit, turned the petcock over to prime and let it fill back up then the same thing; down the road a mile or two and it choked out again.

    The petcock is new from Suzuki, the line going from the back of the petcock to the number 4 carb is solid and doesnít have any holes or leaks in it as far as I can see. My theory would be MAYBE there is an issue with the diaphragms either not being seated correctly or thereís something else in the vacuum system on the carbs that Iím missing or isnít working correctly I THINK...

    Im learning these bikes as I go - more familiar with carbureted old Goldwings but the principal in theory is the same as far as the carbs go.

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    Have you tried leaving the petcock on prime? If it runs on prime might be a faulty petcock (even if new) or might not have vacuum. Try setting the petcock to on, disconnect fuel and suck on the vacuum tube, see if any fuel comes out.