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Reseating and lapping valves without engine removal?

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  • Reseating and lapping valves without engine removal?

    I've been putting this off for as long as I could, but the time is ripe to reseat my valves.

    But does anyone know if it's possible to take the head off without removing the engine on a 2002 Katana (GSX750F)?

    Whenever I do a valve adjustment, just getting the cover off and back on makes for a reeeealy tight squeeze, especially while trying to keep that damn rubber gasket in place. I have a feeling that removing the head is not going to be possible due to tight clearances. But before I yank the engine out, I just thought I'd ask if anyone had a successful attempt with the engine on the frame?

    I pulled the engine out a few years back when my tranny jammed in the 3rd, and it's not a fun project to be doing by myself all over again.

    It's a 2002 kat with 45,800 miles on it


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      Answering my own question. Cause, y' know, I like talking to myself. I'm always a good company. To me.

      Aaaanyway, the engine is out. I decided to do more work than absolutely necessary; gave me an excuse to drink beer and tell the "back in my day" stories to myself.

      But I told them in a funny way. I'm hilarious.

      Well, maybe you had to be there...