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88 Kat 600 stalls when engine warms

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  • 88 Kat 600 stalls when engine warms

    Hi from Spain!

    I have a 1988 katana 600 for almost two years, and now I have an issue that I want to share here to see if anyone had it already.

    When the engine is cold, it starts and idles perfectly. As long as the engine gets warm, it starts to lose power and some cylinders begins to fail, until it dies and won't start again until it cools down.

    What I've recently done is adding a fuel filter, as the fuel tank is getting rusty inside and wanted to prevent carbs getting clogged (I know the fuel tank already has one, but there's still rust leaking out of it). As the new fuel line was located at first over the engine, my first thought was fuel starvation due to either fuel boiling (these days are really warm) or just flow problems because the line was at some point above the carbs inlet.

    But today I changed the fuel line in the way that now is far from your touching the engine and is not longer above the carbs inlet, but the problem remains there.

    Any ideas? My next step would be delete the fuel filter and get back to the stock fuel line to see if that is the problem, does anyone of you mounted an additional fuel filter and got troubles?

    To be known, carbs were rebuilt and synchronized, spark plugs and caps are new, valve adjustment already done, electrical system all done from scratch and a tone of things more.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    fuel filters on these bikes are notorious for causing lean condition exactly as you're experiancing. you need a high flow filter... i would take the fuel filter off, run it, and see if it runs normally.. then if it doesn't, report back to us


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      Not only would I suggest removing the inline filter, but I would carefully turn the tank on it's side, remove the in tank filter, clean it and then reinstall it. You might find that it is torn or damaged in some way. That filter in the tank is a very fine material that does an excellent job at keeping dirt out of the carbs.


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