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Fueling Issue

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  • Fueling Issue

    Don't know if anyone else has experienced fuel starvation when jogging on at speed ?
    In top today and pinged the throttle open and got to about 110 and engine began to baulk and then no fuel symptom, plenty of go go juice in the tank, so being on a dual carriage way I switched to prime setting and it came back on song so I switched it back to on and all was well ??? It then ran fine all the way home there an inline filter that may be to blame or an iffy fuel vacuum switch ?
    I don't want it to happen when overtaking etc...


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    Hi there. If it is a 750F it has a inline filter. Between petcock and carburator.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply, its a 2003 600f...


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        Hi, found the inline fuel filter, looks new & clean, it has happened again since but only when at full chatt, so thinking its emptying its float bowls at max revs faster than its dragging petrol into them ?
        Have lined the underside of the tank with heat reflective tape and gave it a drink of redex....
        Guess I will just have to ease up on the throttle


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          I've had a similar symptom in the past. Was a shitty plug in one of the cylinders. Id start with easy stuff plugs and carbs


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            She's got a new set of plugs in and the carbs were cleaned and new seals prior to buying ?
            Will refurb the petcock next because when it happens I switch to prime to let the fuel free flow and its fine ...


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              Iíve put 25k on my 750, never changed the fuel filter. Never a problem or need too. And my plugs currently past due at 5000+, no issues. Maybe you have a pinch in the fuel line or other blockage/restriction.
              2006 750


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                Hi, thanks for all the replies...
                I have checked all lines for pinch points etc and nothing, strange as she runs sweet all the time, but I only get this issue at max ? Maybe she is just saying "Whoa there boy " Lol