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'93 Katana 600 Carb problem

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  • '93 Katana 600 Carb problem

    I have a 1993 katana 600 and have just finished refurbishing the carburettors, I had them ultrasonically cleaned and replaced all O rings and gaskets. I have also re adjusted the fuel screws and float heights however I am still having the problem of excess fuel forcing it's way out through the air box breather hose and pissing all over the floor - this only ever happens after we have ridden it about 100m then put it back in the garage. We have one theory about sand and crap clogging them as it comes in the fuel so we are going to try adding some extra fuel filters on the fuel line between the tank and carbs but are unsure if this will fix it. Any responses will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Matt

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    It's unlikely that all the carbs are overflowing - especially if you've rebuilt all of them. So pull the air filter and look inside to see which is the offending carb.
    Check the petcock - as it ages the rubber seals will crack and leak as well. Make sure that it doesn't keep flowing when the engine is off.


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      The fuel cuts off as soon as the engine