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1988 GSXF 600 Idle Adjustment Screw

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  • 1988 GSXF 600 Idle Adjustment Screw

    Hi there,

    New to the forum, thanks to everyone for all the information it's so far been really helpful.

    I recently purchased an 88 GSXF 600. Done some work on the bike to get it running. Once I had it running it was idleing at 4000rpm. I managed to find the idle adjustment screw between the second and third float bowl and managed to turn it down. Too much. Now I can't turn it back and it won't hold an idle. Does any one have any advice? I managed to turn it down rather uncomfortably with my hand but I need to find a tool that is flexible enough to fit without taking out the carbs. I know it's a 21 tooth spindle. If anyone has any links to a flexible tool that'd be great or further advice on how to proceed. Carbs are a BST31SS set so I don't want to take them out considering finding a fresh rebuild kit is next to impossible.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    You probably accidentally screwed the adjuster all the way out. I'm not sure how you can get it threaded back in without taking the carbs off. It's also possible the spring and washer dropped down on top of the motor. You'll need to probably pull the tank and take a closer look.

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