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Valve adjustment question.

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  • Valve adjustment question.

    2004 600 here. I've read the guide here but with no pictures it is kind of hard to follow. I also have the service manual for the bike and it says to remove the Pulse Generator cover to line up timing marks, but then the manual says to used the "notches" in the cam to line them up for adjustment. My question is, if you are aligning with the notches in the cam, why is it necessary to remove the pulse generator cover? Cant the engine just be turned over using the rear wheel, leaving the cover in place?

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    When I did the valve adjust I did not remove the pulse generator cover.

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      I did this Friday night and did not remove the cover either. After talking to my local shop I just used the lines on the cams. I also read that if you make sure the lobe is pointing up on the valves being worked on, it doesn't really matter where the lines are, it just takes more time because the engine needs to be rotated for each set of valves.