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Clutch Problem - cause???

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  • Clutch Problem - cause???

    While I was draining the oil before removing the clutch basket cover I noticed a gasoline smell to the oil. I originally poured in less than a gallon to fill it, but when I drained there was a gallon plus additional quart
    So I have more problems then just the clutch. Does anyone know if soaking in a gas/oil mix can cause the friction disks to swell up and deteriorate?
    That's my theory - I think that when I look inside I'll find the friction plates needing replacement.

    update: took the plates out and they appear solid and undamaged. I don't see any damage to any other parts. I'm guessing that the thin gas diluted oil just didn't lubricate well enough and caused the sticking and later jerky clutch action.

    Confirmed - I put in new oil after draining the old oil and filter and the clutch is working OK.
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