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Rev problem? Between 8500 and 11000

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  • Rev problem? Between 8500 and 11000

    Hello everyone!

    Im pretty new to motorcycle in general and ever newer for Katana.
    I recently bought a 1999 Katana GSXF750.

    Bike runs fine, idle is good. Clutch is responsive.

    My problem is, on gear 2-3-4 ( could not test 5-6, not going that fast ) i feel like past 8500-9000 up to 11000 rpm I don't have any acceleration or power.
    So the bike would do a great acceleration between 0 and 8500rpm, but as soon as I hit pas 8500rpm, Nothing.

    I was wondering if its the transmission or clutch, because the powerband feel very linear between 0-8500rpm, and weirdly going flat after.

    Is it a normal thing for Katana750 ? Are they setup like? Or do I have a problem?

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    Check oil for gas. Could be causing clutch slippage. How many km? Could be time for clutch replacement with some new springs!


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      does the bike feel like it loses power but the engine sounds like its still moving fast past 8500? or lose power and engine sounds like its losing power as well?.. the first one would be a clutch slippage issue