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Rev problem? Between 8500 and 11000

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  • Rev problem? Between 8500 and 11000

    Hello everyone!

    Im pretty new to motorcycle in general and ever newer for Katana.
    I recently bought a 1999 Katana GSXF750.

    Bike runs fine, idle is good. Clutch is responsive.

    My problem is, on gear 2-3-4 ( could not test 5-6, not going that fast ) i feel like past 8500-9000 up to 11000 rpm I don't have any acceleration or power.
    So the bike would do a great acceleration between 0 and 8500rpm, but as soon as I hit pas 8500rpm, Nothing.

    I was wondering if its the transmission or clutch, because the powerband feel very linear between 0-8500rpm, and weirdly going flat after.

    Is it a normal thing for Katana750 ? Are they setup like? Or do I have a problem?