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2004 Katana Engine Swap / Carb ID

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  • 2004 Katana Engine Swap / Carb ID

    I recently purchased a 2004 Katana 600 for dirt cheap because the kid blew up the top end. I found a good gsx600 engine to swap in and did the swap. The new engine came with a different set of Mikuni carbs as well as a larger stainless header. I fitted the header but the carbs were too big for the engine boots and did not have a working joined choke setup so I mounted the original carbs off the blown engine and the bike runs but runs lean now. I was looking at a jet kit for the carbs but am thinking about getting the other set worked out but will need a joined choke mechanism and new boots. These carbs have a noticeably larger bore and an oval shaped inlet side. Iíd like to try and ID them to figure out what parts Iíd need to fit them. The came with the 600 engine along with a breather so it seems they had been fitted to it before but clearly the boots are too small as I cannot get them fitted without the boots stretching and flaring out. Plus without a working choke Iím not sure so could use them anyway as it get me cool in Illinois.

    also thereís a black connector (pictured) up near the forks that I canít figure out where itís supposed to go.
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    If you're having issues of not running perfect then i wouldn't get too far ahead of yourself. set up the matching carbs for your engine and have completely stock settings on those carbs to start. once that runs how you like it, start modifying with jets and such from there..

    a repair manual will tell you the carb id for your engine as well as what the wires of that connector go to...

    If you want to put on different carbs then it'll cause some headaches and ultimately not worth the time/money as there won't be a huge gain in performance for the effort, IMO.