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  • High Flow Fuel Petcocks

    I have an 04' 750 Katana with 10k miles. I have owned it about 1 yr and put half those miles on it myself. There was a significant amount of work done on the upgraded slip on exhaust , carb jetting, and K&N air filter. Bike has been running great until the last few rides. When I am about 1/4 to 1/3 on throttle twist at 95mph for about 1 minute then I start running out of gas and the engine dies for about 10 seconds. My gas air ratio mixture is dialed in so I don't want to raise my float bowls. The carb has been jetted to Pilot was 25 now 50 and the main was 117.5 now 122 and idel jet is the same at 12.5. Needles are raised to setting 6 the highest to allow for the most gas. Float Bowls are the original height. The has been rebuilt and is spectacularly clean. I have not been able to find a single vacuum leak anywhere and believe me I tried. I'm curious to see if replacing my petcock ( which is also OEM new replaced) with a high flow petcock might supply gas to fill up my bowls faster. Anyone try this or use a high flow and what were the results. Anything else I should be thinking about to address this?


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    The oem petcock should be able to easily flow enough fuel .I would check the petxock take it off the tank ,pull the filter up and out of the petcock ,make sure there's no gunk or junk underneath of the filter screen then put it back on the tank and put it on prime with the gas line going into a bucket ,check for flow,and then try again with the petcock put on "on" or "reserve" and suck on the vacuum line to see if the vacuum diaphragm is functioning properly. next make sure there's no kinks In the fuel line and then if it's still an issue double check your float height they should be 14.6 mm +/- 1 mm sometimes they do shift during riding after a while hope I helped. Btw I've never heard of any high flow petcocks for the katana before I believe they would be limited to the spout size for for the gas line which would have to be the same or else it wouldnt fit your gas line
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