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Katana 750 wonít start after getting new fork seals

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  • Katana 750 wonít start after getting new fork seals

    have an 06í Katana 750 with just under 10k miles on it. I bought it as my second bike after a ninja 250. Iíve been riding dirt bikes, mopeds, scooters, etc. since I was 12 and convinced my parents to let me. More recently, Iíve used riding to distract me from past bad habits I really struggled with. Gives me a purpose and separates me from the crowd. I just had to drop my Katana 750 off at a mechanic to get new fork seals because one was leaking. It was there for two weeks, and the seals got fixed just fine. I was just informed that now it wonít start, and took a look at it myself at the shop, and sure enough it wonít start. I had been riding it every day up until I dropped it off at the shop and had 0 problems. I have a slip on yoshi rs-3 exhaust and thatís it. I havenít done an oil change in a while, was going when I got it back. Any ideas of what possibly couldíve gone wrong with if two weeks of sitting. Gas was put in right before I dropped it off. Turns over strong and all lights come on. Mechanic said it fired for a split second but couldnít hold it. Thanks in advance, Dean.

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    Turn the petcock to prime for ~60 seconds, possible all the fuel in the carbs evaporated out.
    or, check that the choke cable is still routed (and functioning) properly
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      Pick it up from the mechanic... use another, or do some tests yourself.

      That sounds shady as fuck to me. Just sayin...

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        Must have put in some bad fork seals!!


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          Any follow up with this? Did you get the bike running again?


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