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Full throttle bike shuts down on freeway / lack of gas

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  • Full throttle bike shuts down on freeway / lack of gas

    so my last katana did this but usually at a low amount of gas in the tank , I don't recall any of my 6 katanas doing this.
    the bike shut down on me when I was at about a gallon left in the tank and I went full throttle, and then
    I was at half a tank this time maxing out the bikes speed and the bike shut down and takes a while to get it started back up, so seems very obvious that the gas ran out in the carb bowls it would seem, need to get this fixed before I get hit from behind on a shutdown
    so whats up.

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    Mine has been doing the exact same thing. So far I have replaced all the filters, did an oil changed, and put new spark plugs in. Checked the kickstand (some others have had that issue) and haven't found any culprit. How does yours idle? Mine is extremely inconsistent even after the plug change. I'll keep you posted if anything changes on my end, and maybe we can compare notes!


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      Thin walled fuel lines can kink from heat, but straighten out when cool. That can cause a decrease in fuel flow. Or inline fuel filters. Faulty petcock or partial hole in the diaphragm, causing the flow to be slower than normal. Smaller fuel lines (8mm is oem) can cause a high use flow issue too.

      Just some other ideas.

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        mine idles fine but I noticed that when I had the petcock on prime it didn't shut down