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  • Fuel filter

    Hello, is there a way to install a fuel filter to my katana 750 f 1995 year one? Can I just cut the fuel line and add it in the middle or will it cause problems?

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    On a pre Kat (earlier than 98) a fuel filter will cause issues
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      Oh ok, so I should just clean fuel tank more often then?


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        Forgive my ignorance, but why would adding a fuel filter cause issues to pre Kats? My Kat is a 99, but I have 3 cb750s all of which I added an inline filter as additional insurance.

        Estonia, have you inspected the filter at the petcock?


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          No I havent, I didnt know that there is supposed to be one. Im new to the bike things/mechanics so I dont really know what to do half of the time :/


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            Drain some fuel into a gas can through a coffee filter, through the petcock with it on reserve. If you see rust particles or sediment collecting, go ahead & drain it all then clean and/or de-rust the tank and replace the fuel strainer/filter on the petcock. It wouldn't be a bad time to clean the carbs while you've got the tank off.


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              OEM petcock already has a strainer/filter on it. If that's in place, there is no reason to have an inline fuel filter. It literally does nothing for you.

              The wrong fuel filter can and will cause flow issues. Gravity fed, tank close to the carbs = low pressure. Paper filters, or small micron filters simply do not flow fuel fast enough to refill bowls at higher rpm consumption. Additionally, anything that the filters would catch = slowing the flow even more, but they still do not prevent you from having to clean the carbs.

              Rust for example... has small enough particles that they will flow right past any non pressurized fuel filter system.

              Can you run filters... yes. By placing them so they are verticle, directly above the inlet for the fuel ports on the carbs... and by using screen/pressed element filters at least 8mm inlets.

              Other positioning can cause air pockets to form in the lines and reduce/lock fuel flow.

              So, to sum it up... if you need a filter, fix the issue. Otherwise, you don't need a filter and it will more likely cause issues than fix anything.

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