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Mixture problems in middle range?

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  • Mixture problems in middle range?

    Hi all!

    I have yr. 99 gsx 750 f
    Runs like charm but around 5-7 krpm throttle response is poor... Also when driving about 60mph it has some power loss. Otherwise it runs great if i go 45mph or full accelerating. This is bugging only on middle rpms.

    Revving in parked there is some bogging on middle area rpms. Maybe lean fuel mixture? Stock settings, only pilot screws are half turns more open just for test but no effect...

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    Has it ever decent midrange? If it ran fine and now it lacks it, Id blame dirt in the carbs. Or, if you removed and reinstalled the slides, one or more of the springs might be off.
    Idle screws wont affect the mid.


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      If the bike isn't jetted, I'd suggest getting a kit, clean the carbs, tune it with the kit, and be done with any and all issues.
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