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Pre and Post brake calipers & forks

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  • Pre and Post brake calipers & forks

    Ok, if anybody wanna answer this: can I put post 98 calipers on pre fork tubes?
    How come? So I can use the mo-badder race brake pads available fo the post 98 Kats.
    Yes, seems the baddest pads available fo the pre are EBH HH.
    Prolly don't need mo intense, but these are fo my track day Kat.
    Thanks! BiL

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    Completely different bolt on location between the pre and post for calipers. Secondary brackets could be made, or front end swapping.
    93 750 Kat

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      Thanks Krey. Figured the tubes would be different. I just bought some EBC HH pads. NOS the packaging was so old they were covered with dust and busting open!!!
      I don't really brake hard on the track anyway, just do track days not racing.