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  • RPM valve

    I scouted the forum and I didnt find an answer to the question, what position should the valve be turned in what is located near left knee and controls the RPM?

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    Am I missing some thing here, RPM ?
    I assume your talking about the petcock.
    If its not working properly and your not getting petrol, then your right. Its not going to make many RPMs will it ?
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      No, not the petcock its like a little twisting thingy on top of a tube under the fairing.


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        That is the idle speed adjustment. It is not a valve. The tube is just a flexible linkage that turns a screw on the carb itself. With the engine idling, you can increase or decrease rpms. Typical set around 1000 - 1200 rpms. As the engine warms up, it will start idling faster. So just set it to "not to low" after a brief warmup, and "not to fast" after the bike is up to temp.