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Not holding the RPM on neutral and other various problems.

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  • Not holding the RPM on neutral and other various problems.


    I recently got myself a 1995 suzuki grx 750 with a little flaw, it's not holding the RPM in neutral and wants to turn the engine off. There is a fix with the little screw near my left leg so I can turn it and it sometimes fixes the issue. What might be the problem so I dont have to turn this screw anymore and can run it like a normal bike. Also after the last time I was running the bike like this and parked it I wasnt able to start it up anymore, the starting engine was only working but it felt like it wasnt getting any fuel. Is this something to do with this screw and in what position it should be for startup?

    Im so sorry for confusing explanation, I hope some of you might be able to understand what Im trying to say and help a new member out.
    ps: Im new to the bikes and this is my first bike ever.

    So I took off the tank and peeked underneath it. It was flooded with gasoline (might have been mistake by me trying to look like a rides and using throttle while trying to start it up). Going to clean spark plugs once I get the correct toold to unplug them, is there any other place I should look for gasoline and clean beside plugs?
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    UPDATE: Removed all the fairing for proper repaint and starting to work on the plugs/carb/air boots. Done some research and turns out I might be running lean. Need to check this out but I have to get it started again.
    here is a picture of the bike in the current state.


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      I am not familiar with a grx750, and this is a Katana site, but here goes...
      My guess is you have a couple issues with the carbs. The pilot circuit being clogged causing the idling problem, and floats sticking causing gas to overflow. Regardless, it's time to remove the carbs and clean them to resolve both issues. Lots of info on this site about how to go about it.

      Also, take a good look at the inside of the fuel tank. If it is rusty or has gunk in it, you have to clean it out or it will just get back into the carbs. Make sure to replace any inline fuel filters and inspect and clean or replace the filter at the petcock.

      Good Luck