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    got a little problem i went out to start the bike , all was good then it died. pulled the carbs of and did a complete re build reinstalled same problem. completed a carb sink still no luck. i have about 20k on the bike and have never done a valve job could this be a problem. its a 2000 kat 600 any ideas.

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    runs great for about 15 min. and is does fine above 2000 rpm


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      Wish I could help, I have a 2000 600. Maybe the coils, I dont know, what would get hot and then not work? You said it runs fine for about 15 minutes and then dies, so I am assuming that you are getting fuel and air, must be spark. I hate troubleshooting.
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        I have worked on cars for a long time but I dont know that much about bikes. Im sure these things are computer controlled. Perhaps there is some sort of ignition module or engine computer overheating problem. But like I said, Im not a huge bike mechanic. Just my .02
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          Ok...more info is needed. Like how long before it will start again? How does it stall? Does it just stop dead, or does it bog out? can you tell if it is like it just running out of gas? Flooding out will be similar.
          Have you ever taken the plugs out and checked them? Have you changed the fuel filter, if there is one...I assume there is. Don't be sweating all the big stuff just yet cuz often it is something simple. You might have a/some bad plug(s). It will run above 2k because of the higher rpm and the force of the other cylinders, but die out at idle. Then start up again when it cools down. Take them out and have a look at them as soon as it stalls. Look if they are wet like you are flooding out or nice and dry. Check each plug one at a time by holding each one against the engine and turn it over to see if you have fire. You might want someone to help you with that. Kinda hard to hold the plug, pull in the clutch and hit the starter with only 2 hands. Do it with each wire and each plug. Don't just check all the plugs by using the same wire. If one plug doesn't fire, then it is a bad plug or wire. If 2 plugs don't fire, it is a coil. 2 coils for 4 cylinders...2 plugs per coil.
          You could also have a plugged fuel filter and it will run until the floatbowls empty out, then stall. Then start again when they fill up.

          Just check the simple things first.
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            new plugs

            I have checkek the plugs and even put new ones in. After it dies(which sounds like it ran out of gas) the plugs look ok and im still getting good spark. Right now im just trouble shooting with the fuel tank off and fuel going straight into the carbs. also there is fuel in the carbs when it dies,


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              Is the choke (enrichener) sticking on? This would cause it to run good until it's warm. Check the cable and the carb linkage to make sure it's returning to it's fully open position.
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                Yeah , but if the choke was sticking , the plugs would be black .
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                  Originally posted by md86
                  Yeah , but if the choke was sticking , the plugs would be black
                  This is correct....and more than likely it will smoke. How does the exhaust look? Any smoke?
                  How can you be sure there is fuel in the bowls when it dies? Do you have plastic bowls that you can see into? If you are just opening the drain plug and see fuel coming out doesn't neccessarily mean there is enough fuel in the bowls. The filter could be allowing the gas to flow fast enough to fill the bowls in a short time, but not enough to keep them full at hight rpms. Where is your fuel filter on this bike? If you just run your gas straight to the carbs and bypass the filter, then for sure the bowls will be full because you are bypassing the filter...if it is a filter problem.
                  I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.